~💕 Shape of You 💋~

🎶 I’m in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I’m in love with your body 🎶veniiciic_003veniiciic_005Scandalize. TRIKINI GIFT (free group gift)

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~  Pics taken at  *Venice @ PRADA SIM~Venezia City Showcase*~


~★♛Venezia ♛★~

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~  Pics taken at  *Venice @ PRADA SIM~Venezia City Showcase*~


~❥ She’s Crazy~

💕 She wants somebody to love
To hold her
She wants somebody to love
In the right way … ❣etwertwtw_001Scandalize. GIFT ROSES BOUQUET (free group gift)

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~  Pics taken at  *Whimberly* ~


~❥ ♡”Once a bad girl, Always a bad girL …”♡~

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~ Pics taken at  *Devin 1 & 2, your destination – your dream*


~💔 Cold-hearted~

~ 🎧 It’s probably gonna sound wrong
Promise it won’t last long …

Thought you’d like to know that:
SHe won’t touch you like I do
SHe won’t love you like I would …~ 🎶
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~ Pics taken at  Once Upon A Fairy Tale ~firma

~♡ Baby, baby, I feel crazy … ~

~  I just wanna keep callin’ your name 

Until you come back home ~ 🎶

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~❥ Mi Soledad y Yo 💔 ~

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~ Pics taken at -+ CANNiBiA +-~firma